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Find Details of Latest V1.4.7 of Viva Tv Apk 2022: User’s Guide

Like to watch popular movies and TV shows but you worry about the best platform? Stop stressing from now on. Viva tv apk is the perfect option for those who love to watch their favorite content without investing their monthly pocket money on paid content. It is an interface where you can certainly get what you want in your entertainment lifestyle. The impartial combination of a variety of content with costless services is enough to make you joyful.

Want to know more? Take a look at the content below to make sure you understand what is good for you.

What Does it Mean: Viva Tv Apk?

If you are the one who knows the value of multimedia delight, you must be seeking something better now. If yes, it can be an agreeable study for you because we are telling you the functions of the viva tv apk. You must understand that apk is an Android package, and in the context of viva tv, it will allow you to watch your favorite multimedia content without any cost.

Viva Tv Apk

The platform is open to every user. Sometimes you are stuck with so many choices available on the internet. Finding the best piece is crucial, like finding the right path for movement in life. This website saves you from spending your money only to watch some content that is, directly and indirectly, relevant to your behavior. 

Different languages are available for Video and TV shows. You can switch to anyone you like inside or outside the home. Furthermore, classifications like Horror, Science, fiction, non-fiction, news, daily soap, action, and thriller are available on the platform. Not only that, about 15 subtitles help you to understand the content of non-natives. 

Technical Specifications

  • App Name: Viva TV apk
  • File Size: 17.5 MB
  • Android compatibility: 5.0+
  • Developer: Viva Tv
  • Type: Entertainment
  • Last Updated: July 30, 2022
  • Web Address:
  • Installations: about 10,000,000+

Features of Viva TV Apk


  • Server Choice

Many links are available for the application. One can choose or finalize as per the connectivity of the internet. Choices are in 360p to1080p. Make a practical selection and use the server further. 

  • Direct link 

Like all other alternatives of apk, this also provides a direct link to download your file and install it to watch your favorite content without any hindrance caused by the network, subscription notifications, or anything that should not be there. 

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  • Indoor and outdoor entertainment

It is compatible with any device you have Android, Windows, and firestick TV. One can save this file to an Android smartphone and use it for outdoor amusements. Apart from that, so many options are available for indoor activities like amazon firestick/fire stick tv, Personal Computer, and Smart Television. 

  • No Log-in details

Log-in details are not a requirement to use this platform. You can scroll through the features after completing the installation process. There is no need to check out the interface by giving your secure and private databases. 

  • Easy to scroll

The user interface is quite simple to use. Anyone can scroll through the platform without any technical knowledge. Scroll up and down on the entire platform and finalize what is relevant to you. Go to the search bar option given on top and type the movie name and show for watching it on the platform or download it for offline mode.

  • Request developers

It is a unique option for you. Here, you can request the developers to provide the desired content if it is over there. The support system will execute your interest and upload the video content within the time of 2 to 3 days.

  • Media player

The media player is a crucial point to notice. Users can play the videos with default or in-built players or choose the option they want. Mx Player, VLC, or any other player on the device can be a power point for uninterrupted amusement. 

  • Ads free

The common issue is out now. Ads-free entertainment is on your part. Viva tv apk wonderfully ignores the ads added to your video content. 

  • Debrid Account

It allows debris to account for interrupted services for the applicant. High-resolution video content makes you long hours of engagement with the interface. You don’t have to miss anything important for your knowledge and other purposes. 

  • Track record

Check out the track record of your watch time. The features are compatible with many devices. You can connect them and see what page you are on. 

  • Resume your play

If you left something in mid due to any reason, you can resume it next time on time. You don’t have to play it from the initial level. 

Viva TV Apk Modifications 

Some modifications are necessary to note while you are going through the viva TV apk latest version. Let us count them below.

  • No ads are there on the platform.
  • There is no scope for unnecessary activities or permissions.
  • Systematic uploading and streaming.
  • Necessary graphical changes.
  • No, reach for advertisement providers and service givers.
  •  Layout removal for ads screening.
  • Removal of Debugs
  • No tracking features for outsiders.
  • Billboard removed news-related items.
  • No space for analytics and crashlytics.
  • Menu list modification along with the app’s promo
  • Removal of notifications for forceful instruction for new updates or versions. 
  • Options for multiple languages to continue the amusement.


  • A variety of content is available on the network for users in different modes, like Korean drama, Hollywood movies, and television content from western countries. 
  • Note the ranking of the content and why it is trending nowadays. 
  • Furthermore, there is no need to mention that free-of-cost services are always there to keep you happy in your moments. 
  • Easily switch to any piece of content that is relevant or non-relevant.
  • The graphical interface surrounds only the user. There is no value in the inconvenience in a time of enjoyment. 
  • The simple format is open to download and install, relevant to old and latest versions. 
  • Meanwhile, you are free to download the offline content mode if you don’t have time to watch it at the present moment. 
  • Save yourself from malicious activities using VPN services.


  • Here, an old version may serve some issues with advertisements and can be annoying.
  •  Mod and original apk are two different things. Better to use them wisely. 
  • If it is not syncing with the google play store and third-party websites hold the link, you need to be extra careful when switching to these options. 
  • Copyright issues are sometimes in existence because of the policies adopted by the developers or app designers. 
  • While downloading the link from outside websites, you can permit malicious content mistakenly. Be careful, then. 

How to Download Viva Tv Apk?

We have told you that the application is compatible with many devices though we will take the most reliable and trendy option to download the link. Android smartphone users can follow this trick to save the file on their devices to enjoy. 

viva apk download

  • To get quick access to the app, visit the official web address or any outside web address to find the link to your needed versions. 
  • We will consider Version 1.4.7. 
  • The steps are similar to other versions too. 
  • Click on the found link and get back to the device to make some changes for the smooth conduct of the initiative. 
  • Open the “Setting” option. Move on to the “Security” mode in the drop-down list. Enable the “Apps from Unknown Sources” choice over there. 
  • Check the complete download and proceed to the “File Manager” section to open and install it on your smartphone. 
  • Confirm the final stage. Open the platform and start browsing the services with no sign-in formalities. 

How to Download it on Amazon TV or Fire Stick?

Viva Tv Apk

  • Visit the “Setting” option to see the “Main Menu.”
  • Choose ” My Fire TV.”
  • Go to the “Developer” Choice in the list. 
  • Enable the option “Apps From Unknown Sources.” 
  • Get back to the home screen of your Android TV or Fire stick.
  • Switch to the search button option given down to a list of some specifications.
  • Type the name “Downloader” and follow the result after successful instruction.
  • Click and install the downloader app.
  • Open the application and permit some activities with it. 
  • Move towards the “Setting” option on the left side of the screen.
  • Click the “Enable Javascript.”
  • Identify the “Browser” button above the “Setting” option.
  • Paste the URL (
  • Hold it in the installation mode, and after confirmation, open the application and enjoy the services. 

Features of Viva TV Apk

The Viva TV APK is an app that offers users a wide range of TV shows and movies to watch for free. The app is similar to Cinema APK in terms of features and interface. It has a clean and user-friendly interface with a navigation bar at the top and also allows you to filter content. With a sneak peek into its features, we will now take a detailed look into its features.


We have summarized various things to enable you to understand the required knowledge of the viva tv apk. We hope we are successful as we promised. Still, if you have any queries about anything, you can write in the comment section for further assistance.

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